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Award Nominations Are Now Open

The 2nd  Arab Women of Excellence Awards in North America is the 1st initiative of its kind in North America to recognize, honor, award, and celebrate the achievements of 50 Arab Women in 15 different categories, namely: Academia, Art & Media, Beauty & Fashion, Business & Entrepreneurs, Community Service, Cultural Achievements, Determination & Motivation, Industry, Inspiration, Motherhood, Politics & Government, Research, Social Change Initiatives, Sports, and Youth Achievements & Talents.


The purpose behind creating this award is to celebrate, honor and recognize the achievements of Arab Women in North America and zoom on their Strengths, potential, achievements and areas of success. Not only this award inspires all Arab women across the world as well as Arab youth, but also, it sends a clear strong international message about the abilities and capabilities of Arab Women. Furthermore, it creates a strong network among the Winners to Brainstorm, plan, and execute projects that serve and problem solve the challenges faced by other Arab Women in Canada, USA, and the Middle East.


The Award Ceremony is a Red Carpet Event that will be held in 2021 in Calgary, Canada and will be attended by elite dignitaries from Canada, USA, and the Middle East. Our list of invited VIP Guests of Honor will include:  Canada’s First Lady, Her Excellency Madame Sophie Gregoire Trudeau;  Her Excellency Minister of Women Status; in addition to Ambassadors, Philanthropists, Professors, Community Leaders, Influencers, Businessmen, Businesswomen, Celebrities, Media and Public Figures. We look forward for an exceptional event to praise and celebrate the achievements of Arab Women in 15 different categories for a total of Top 50 Awards of Excellence in North America. The event will be attended by an average of 300 Guests. 

Our 2019 winners came from all walks of life, doctors, chefs, authors, professors, nurses, teachers, community leaders, engineers, dentists, inspiring women, pharmacists, athletes, amazing mothers, sales managers, talented youth, lawyers, gifted children, radio hosts, and women in Business, Art, Media, Academia, Research, Politics & Government. Dignitaries and speakers included Hon. Leela Aheer, Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Women’s Status (Alberta); Ambassador Dr. Moushira Khattab, Renowned UNESCO Humanitarian and Former Minister of Women of Status (Egypt); Sheikha Dr. Hind Al Qasimi, member of the UAE Royal Family and Chairwoman of the Business Professional World Emirates Club BPW (UAE);  Rev. Father Angelos Saad (Toronto), and Imam Jamal Hammoud (Calgary).


This event is organized by Dr. Dahlia Mostafa, Pres. & CEO of the Canadian Life Transformation Academy, an Educational Academy and a Social Enterprise focusing on Societal, Family, Youth, Career, Personal Problems, Development, and Leadership. Believing that Knowledge is Power, the academy’s vision is to empower humanity through education, life coaching, counselling, mentoring, and cutting-edge psychological tools, tips, tactics, and strategies.


Dr. Dahlia Mostafa, Pres. & CEO of the Canadian Life Transformation Academy, is a prominent Egyptian-Canadian public figure well known for her achievements in Academia, Research, Community Service, Industry, Engineering, Leadership, and Psychology. She has been twice named in 2018 as the Woman of Inspiration across Canada and has been recognized by the Governor General of Canada as a Social Influencer and a Community Leader. She is an award-winner of 51 International Awards from Canada, USA, Europe, Egypt, Jordan, and viewed as a role model for inspiration, empowerment and leadership around the world. She has been featured in CBC, CTV, GLOBAL and several Canadian & Egyptian Magazines.


Your presence in such an international event that frames and highlights the Beauty, Leadership, Empowerment, and Excellence of Arab Women will mean a lot for Arab Women in North America .


Worth to mention, Dr. Dahlia is Proud of her Arabian heritage and Egyptian roots. Her Legacy is to Empower, Inspire, Educate, Promote and Celebrate Arab Women and Youth around the Globe. She aspires to build communication bridges across all cultures and she strongly promotes and endorses Global Humanitarian Initiatives, Community Service, Family Values, and Morals as well as Youth Development & Leadership. She was honored with the Sovereign Medal for Volunteers from The Governor General of Canada on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II in April 2018. She was named The 2018 Fearless  Woman of Inspiration Across Canada from One Woman Foundation, and she was honored with the 2018 Inspiration Award for Family Violence Prevention from the Alberta Government. In addition, She is a winner of both the 2017 Canadian Immigrant of Distinction Award and the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award. Furthermore, she received  the Presidential Egyptian Award of achievements In Egypt Can Conference in 2017...


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Please find Our 2019 Award Ceremony Program Below. We are Indebted to All the Sponsors who Supported us in Our 1st Arab Women of Excellence Awards and Look Forward for Generous Contributions from Canadian, American and Middle Eastern Sponsors for our 2021 Award Ceremony of the 2nd Arab Women of Excellence Awards in Calgary, Canada. 
















The 2nd Arab Women Summit in North America


The diversity of our winners together with their intellect and drive to serve is definitely something to cherish and admire. They fly from all across Canada and USA to attend to award ceremony in person and deliver their acceptance speech. This is why it is important after the award celebration to benefit from their wealth of knowledge, education, intellect, experience, inspiration, and community service initiatives in “building together our Community” through The 2nd Arab Women Summit in North America. It will be held in 2021 in Calgary, Canada to discuss the challenges faced by Arab Women in Canada and USA. The goal is to present success stories for women & youth who succeeded to turn their challenges into opportunities and created achievements through hard work, perseverance and determination. Another main goal is to brainstorm, problem solve, propose solutions and create focus groups to help Arab Women and Youth in North America and in the Middle East as well, in tackling the most pressing issues. There will be invited speakers, panelists, power point presentations, and videos. You are welcome to register in the Conference as an active participant, or a panelist, or a speaker based on availability. Women, Men, and Youth are highly encouraged to join and participate. Your Voice and Input Will Create The Difference. N.B. Dignitaries, Ministers,  government officials, parliamentarians, community leaders, media and public figures will be joining the summit. There will be one hour lunch break to get to know one another, network, and build connections for future collaborationSummit Registration is not open yet. However, you are welcome to email us to express your interest.

Award Nominations Are Now Open for the 2nd Arab Women of Excellence Awards in North America
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