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Awakening JOY

Joy is not just for the lucky ones. It’s a decision and a choice anyone can make for as long as they are able to reaffirm and renew it everyday. In this 4 week course, you will learn how to create, practice and sustain, joyfulness as a way of life. You will learn how to reorient your mind toward the contentment and happiness available in our everyday lives. Recognize, embrace, and nurture your dreams as you sail towards awakening and cultivating Joy in your life. Build Your own Happiness Equation and start putting it into practice by Joining me in this Course.

Awakening JOY

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  • 1- Joy (Definition, Importance & Impact)

    2- Reframing Joy

    3- Releasing Our Agenda

    4- In Charge of Our "Auto-Pilot Behavior"

    5- Inclining The Mind Towards Joy

    6- The Joy of Letting Go

    7- Releasing Anger, Regrets, Blaming, Pinpointing

    8- Healing Our Time Line

    9- Rewriting Our Story

    10- Finding Joy In Difficult Times

    11- Self-Love, Self-Care & Self-Acceptance

    12- Empathy, Compassion & Awareness as a Way of Life

    13- Awakening Our Super Power

    14- Facing Our Grief, Fears & Weaknesses

    15- The Healing Power of Forgiveness

    16- Catching the Moment

    17- Being Present for Our Life

    18- Listening to Our Emotions

    19- Respecting Our Body Messages

    20- Paying Attention to Our Thoughts

    21- Liberation Beyond Our Perceived Limitation

    22- Communicating Our Truth

    23- Dissolving Blockages

    24- Giving & Receiving Acts of Kindness

    25- The Joy of Loving Others

    26- The Attitude of Gratitude

    27- Grateful Hearts...Joyful Hearts

    28- Designing Our Life

    29- Living Our Dream

    30- The 9 Pillars of Joyful Journeys

    31- Habits of Joyful People

    32- Living Beautifully

    33- Joy Meter Evaluation & Assessment

    34- Summary

    35- Course Survey




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