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Awakening The LEADER Inside You

An authentic leader is someone who has the ability to motivate and mobilize others to drive their performance to their full potential. Great leaders have the ability to share their vision with passion and commitment, giving their team members a purpose and a challenge they are willing to embrace while carrying on to achieve amazing results. To become a great leader, you need to find your inner compass, your starting point, and learn how to develop a leadership approach driven by your values and principles.

This 8 week interactive course will prompt you to explore your motivations, ethics, and leadership style. You will explore strategies and best practices that awaken the leader inside of you to become a more confident, trusted, and capable leader who can also develop authentic leadership in others. This hands-on course will help you create a culture of continuous innovation while transforming yourself, uncovering opportunities and paving your path to a greater success.

You will be empowered to lead with vision and courage as you enhance your capacity to lead, drive employee and exceeds your clients’ expectations. Join me in this course to accelerate your own personal development, embrace wider responsibility, and succeed in increasingly complex roles.

*** This course is for anyone who wishes to
• Be a better version of themselves
• Unlock their untapped potential
• Become the leader they thrive to be.

Awakening The LEADER Inside You

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  • 1- Management Versus Leadership

    2- Leadership

    (Definition, Importance, Impact)

    3- Personal Versus Interpersonal Leadership

    4- Initial Evaluation and Assessment

    5- Three Essential Roles of a Leader

    6- What Defines a Leader

    7- Leadership & Perspectives

    8- Leadership Styles

    9- Eight Pillars of Leadership

    10- Self-Awareness

    11- Connecting With Your Values

    12- Cafting Your Vision & Mission

    13- Time Management

    14- Organizational Skills

    15- Effective Communication

    16- Understanding Change Cycles

    17- Team Building & Leading

    18- Decision Making

    19- Problem Solving

    20- Conflict Resolution

    21- How to Negotiate

    22- Strategic Planning

    23- Creating Change

    24- Implementing Change

    25- Performance Management

    26- The Leadership Critical Success Factors

    27- Being The Role Model

    28- Adhering To Values & Vision

    29- Motivating & Engaging Others

    30- Changing Scopes & Stakes

    31- Building Key Relationships

    32- Creating a Culture of Trust & Integrity

    33- Leadership Tips & Best Practices

    34- Adopting the Leadership Mindset

    35- Recruitment & Retention

    36- Practicing Sustainability

    37- Developing Resilience

    38- Project Management

    39- Leading with Courage & Confidence

    40- Working Under Pressure

    41- Getting Unstuck On The Go

    42- Final Evaluation & Assessment

    43- Summary

    44- Course Survey

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