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Before You Say I Do

“Before You Say I Do” Is a 4 Week Marriage Preparation Course for Girls exploring the possibility of Getting Married. The aim of this course is to teach Girls the Foundation of a Successful Fulfilling Happy Long-Lasting Marriage. Knowledge is Power and This Course is Designed To Empower All Those Girls Thinking of Getting Married and Wanting To Know How To Create a Bonding Marriage Where They Flourish, Blossom and Live Their Best Life. ~Together We Can Make It Happen~ and YES, Happy Marriages Do Exist (",)

In a Weekly Relaxing, Non-Judgmental, Safe, and Multi-Cultural Environment, You will learn all about the Pillars of a Successful Marriage.

Before You Say I Do

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  • 1- Love, Marriage & Happy Families

    (Definitions, Importance, Impact)

    2- Core Beliefs About Marriage

    (Evaluation & Assessment)

    3- Personality Types

    4- Communication Styles

    5- Shared Goals & Values

    6- Commitment

    7- Resolving Conflicts

    8- Negotiating Differences

    9- Financial Management

    10- Bridging Spending Habits

    11- Decision Making

    12- Marriage Etiquette

    13- Boundaries

    14- In-Laws Relationship

    15- Sacred Union in a Marriage

    16- Creating and Preserving Your Personal Space

    17- Learning About Love Languages

    18- The Pillars of a Successful Marriage

    19- Roles, Rules & Expectations in Marriage

    20- Tools & Strategies to Resolve Differences

    21- Allowing Mutual Acceptance

    22- Are You Ready To Say ~I Do~?

    (Evaluation & Assessment)

    23- Summary

    24- Course Survey

    Joy, Emotional/Mental/Physical/Spiritual Balance, Self-Control & Stability Are Fundamentals Keys for Our Success In All Aspects of Life. Please Check if any of the following recommended courses will help you in becoming More Ready Before You Say I Do. ~Best Wishes~

    >> Deep Healing

    >> Peace From Broken Pieces

    >> Emotional Intelligence

    >> Identity

    >> Awakening Joy

    >> Happiness

    >> Positive Energy

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