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Deep Healing

Do you feel stuck with no way out? Drained and locked up? Are you trapped in negative thinking, limiting beliefs and painful trauma? Are you ready for a change but aren’t sure how to begin? This 12 week Deep Healing course is specially designed for you to help you in your Emotional Healing journey. Whether you are deeply wounded from the past, overwhelmed with stress, rejection, disappointment or fear, or feeling anxious or depressed, or maybe grieving the loss of someone dear, or suffocated by too much worries, anxiety, anger, resentment and fear. This course will help you over three months to liberate yourself, heal your emotions, and transform your life to become Fully Alive. This course focuses on Healing, Inner Peace, Fulfillment, Expansion, Growth, and Enrichment of the quality of Your Life.

Deep Healing

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  • 1- When Things Fall Apart

    2- Dealing with Pain, Chaos & Trauma

    3- Our Story Matters

    4- We Are Not Our Story

    5- Rewriting Our Story

    6- Healing Our Time Line

    7- It's Never Too Late

    8- Reprogramming The Biology of Our Emotions

    9- Understanding The 4 Emotional Types

    10- Defeating The 5 Emotional Vampires

    11- Overcoming Guild & Shame

    12- Overcoming Addiction to People Pleasing

    13- Overcoming Victimization

    14- Quieting Our Own Critic

    15- Understanding The 7 Liberation Tools

    16- Facing Fear

    17- Building Courage

    18- Facing Frustration & Disappointment

    19- Building Patience

    20- Facing Loneliness

    21- The 6 Types of Loneliness

    22- Building Connections

    23- Facing Anxiety & Worry

    24- Building Inner Peace

    25- Facing Depression

    26- Building Hope

    27- Facing Jealousy/Envy

    28- Building Self-Esteem

    29- Facing Anger

    30- Releasing Anger

    31- Building Compassion

    32- Recovering Resentment

    33- Detaching Yourself from the Past

    34- Getting Unstuck

    35- Living at the Moment

    36- Mindfulness

    37- Fully Alive

    38- Discovering a New Comfort Zone

    39- Liberating Yourself & Transforming Your Life

    40- Celebrating Deep Healing & Empowering Meanings

    41- Emotional Healing Evaluation & Assessment

    42- Summary

    43- Course Survey


    44- Staying on The Narrow Path

    45- Relaxation Methods

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