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Communication Skills

Communication skills, like anything, can be improved with learning, practice and training. The better we master effective communication in Life, Love, and Work, the more successful we become in leading a nurturing and fulfilling way of living.

In this 6 week course, you will learn core psychological and life coaching tools and strategies that will help you practice empathic listening, speaking and dialogue skills to achieve success in any relationship. Join me in this high energy course that focus on improving your social skills, face to face conversations, clarity, confidence, and charisma. You will also learn how to ask insightful questions, interpret non-verbal communication (body language, voice tone), and become an influencer. Knowledge Is Power. Heighten Your Conversations By Empowering Your Communication Skills.

Communication Skills

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  • 1- Communication skills

    (Definition, Importance, Impact)

    2- Initial Evaluation and Assessment

    3- Why Effective Communication is So Critical?
    4- Characteristics of a Great Communicator
    5- How to Build Rapport?
    6- How to Ask Insightful Questions?
    7-The Art of Listening
    8- Attention Span and Focus
    9- Understanding Body Language

    10- Giving Proper Feedback

    11- Fundamental Conversation Skills

    12- Tonalities and Building Face to Face Interaction

    13- Paying Attention to Your Fillers in a Conversation
    14- Letting go of Fear of Judgement

    15- Cultivating Empathy

    16- Letting Go of Urge of Ideas and Anger

    17- Learning Styles

    18- Thinking Styles

    19- Behavioural Styles

    20- Perception Filters
    21- Personality Filters

    22- The 7 principles of communications

    23- Giving a Relevant and Interesting Story

    24- Changing Behavior and Getting Action

    25- Giving and Getting Information

    26- Ensuring Understanding

    27- Persuasion & Influence

    28- Avoiding Negativity in a Conversation

    29- The FORD Method for Keeping a Conversation Alive

    30- The Art of Compliment

    31- Handling Heated Discussions

    32- How to Pass a Complaint with Grace

    33- Great Phone/Email Conversations

    34- Barriers to Good Communication

    35- Tips for Effective Communication

    36- Avoiding Miscommunications Catalysts

    37- Shifting Energy When a Communication Drops

    38- Avoiding Distractions

    39- Practice and Training

    40- Crafting compelling communication plans

    41- Conversations That Revive Relationships

    42- Final Evaluation & Assessment

    43- Summary

    44- Course Survey



    45- Communication Skills for Handling a Conflict

    46- Communication Skills for Presentations & Interviews

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