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Fulfilling Relationships

Fulfilling Relationships are possible once you learn how to achieve them. In this 12 Week Course, You will learn how to implement life-changing formulas to start having a better relationship with your partner and obtain the successful secrets of a Happy Family. Throughout this course,  You will master knowledge, resources, and tools necessary to obtain the relationship you truly desire. You will also gain access to materials that are backed by Psychology, Social Science and supported by our combined years of Marriage Counselling Practice, Ph.D. Research & Publications, Training, and Life Coaching. You will develop a deeper understanding of what may be lacking in your relationship and You will discover if your priorities are aligned according to your relationship values. You will walk away from this course Empowered, Resourceful and with a new perspective/skillset to resolve your relationship problems and Restore the Love.

When there are serious issues present in a marriage or relationship, everyday life can begin to feel extremely difficult and emotionally challenging. Not knowing what to do can make things worse, leave you frustrated and in panic. This Relationship Course has been designed to bring you closer to your partner and Bring the Life back to Your Marriage/Relationship.

Fulfilling Relationships

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  • 1- Fulfilling Relationships

    (Definition, Importance & Impact)

    2- Initial Evaluation & Assessment

    3- Common Marriage Myths

    4- It's Never Too Late

    5- Personal Values & Goals

    6- Shared Values & Goals

    7- Knowing Your Love Map

    8- Unpacking Your Baggage & Internalized Messages

    9- Understanding The Marriage Cycle

    10- Different Marriage Styles

    11- The 7 Core Fundamentals of a Fulfilling Relationship

    12- Creating Time to work on Your Marriage

    13- The Principles of Effective Communication in a Relationship

    14- Dissolving Emotional Blockages

    15- How to Listen, How To Talk, How To Feel

    16- Cultivating Empathy

    17- Removing Personal Filters & Labels

    18- Overcoming Fear of Judgment & Exposure

    19- Sharing Your Feelings & Needs

    20- Developing Trust

    21- The Strength of Being Vulnerable

    22- Building Acceptance

    23- Creating a Safety Zone

    24- Turning Towards Each Other In a Relationship

    25- Cheat-Sheet for a Happy Marriage

    26- Top 10 Marriage Boosters

    27- Top 10 Marriage Killers

    28- The 5 Love Languages

    29- The 6 Pillars of a Stable Marriage

    30- Handling Conflicts in a Marriage

    31- Turning Conflicts Into Opportunities

    32- Overcoming Power Struggles

    33- Transforming Draining Habits Into Nurturing Habits

    34- Supporting Each Other's Personal Growth & Goals

    35- Developing Respectful Boundaries

    36- Conscious Loving - Conscious Living

    37- The Power of Acknowledgement

    38- Giving & Receiving Acknowledgement

    39- The Attitude of Gratitude

    40- Increasing Your Knowledge of Yourself & Partner

    41- Do's & Don't

    42- Learning From History

    43- The Four Fear Melters

    44- Blame-Free Relationships

    45- Allow Yourself To Be Influenced

    46- The Behavior Change Request Dialogue

    47- Dealing with Unfinished Business

    48- Integration & Adaptation

    49- Creating Shared Memories & Meanings

    50- Strengthening The Foundation

    51- Special Occasions

    52- Daily Connection Rituals

    53- Daily Love Rituals

    54- Final Evaluation & Assessment

    55- Summary

    56- Course Survey


    57- Relationship Vision

    58- Reromanticizing

    59- Preparing a Surprise List

    60- Making a Fun List

    61- Warming Things Up

    62- Connecting with a Distant Partner

    63- Beyond Your L.D.D. (Listening Deficit Disorder)

    64- Fighting Fair

    65- Attention & Intention

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