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It is time to Choose Happiness after years and years of Chasing Happiness. Happiness is a lasting warm feeling of deep contentment and joy, a decision that we make and a choice that we renew every single second of our life. Indeed, it is a treasured goal that invites equilibrium, peace, and balance in our life. In this 6 week course, you will learn proven psychological and life coaching tools, tips and strategies packed with practical wisdom and rich insights to help you heal unhappiness while practicing mindfulness, acceptance, forgiveness, self-love, self-awareness, self-control and being in the moment. Join me in this interactive practical course to invite happiness in your life and live it unconditionally. Choose Happiness, Enough Chasing Happiness.


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  • 1- Happiness (Definition, Importance & Impact)

    2- Initial Evaluation and Assessment

    3- Happiness is available to everyone

    4- Understanding Happiness

    5- Mindfulness Versus Excitement

    6- Relationship With Oneself

    7- Thinking, Doing, Being

    8- Learning To Be Present

    9- Getting Caught in Words and Ideas about Happiness

    10- Giving Up The Search

    11- Identifying Negative Patterns

    12- Releasing Concepts

    13- Beyond Misperceptions and Fearful Beliefs

    14- Developing Courage to Let Go

    15- Changing The Story

    16- Away from the Ego

    17- Releasing Negative Habits

    18- Feeling Good Enough

    19- Reviewing Your Reasons to Choose Happiness

    20- Wait Time Is Over

    21- Transforming Thoughts and Feelings

    22- Emotional Care

    23- Taking Care of Our Consciousness

    24- The Power of Self Love, Kindness, Giving

    25- The Attitude of GratitudeFacing Sorrow & Death

    26- Healing Unhappiness

    27- Behavioral Practices

    28- You Are What You Seek

    29- You Are What You Think

    30- Practicing Acceptance

    31- Self-Awareness & Self-Control

    32- Forgiveness Path

    33- The Narrow Path

    34- Practicing Happiness

    35- Committing to Happiness

    36- Living Happiness

    37- Attitudes and Attributes of Happy People

    38- Unconditional Living

    39- Pleasure, Satisfaction & Joy

    40- Staying Open to Miracles

    41- Loving the Life You Lead

    42- Giving Meaning to Life

    43- Happiness Meter Evaluation & Assessment

    44- Summary

    45- Course Survey


    46- Spreading Happiness…The Contagiousness of Happiness

    47- Daily Rituals for Happiness

    48- Cultivating Happiness in Your Relationships

    49-Mind-Body Happiness

    50- Happiness at the Workplace

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