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IVF Weekend Retreat

IVF Weekend Retreat offer a 2-Days Retreat that is structured to help women and couples in dealing with the emotional, mental and physical aspects of fertility issues. Whether this is your 1st IVF Cycle, the 3rd one or maybe the 5th, our IVF Retreat will  awaken, strengthen and deepen your Mind Body Soul Connection to unleash your Optimal Fertility.

Lots of women involved with assisted reproductive techniques think  that this is enough to successfully achieve a pregnancy. However, studies and research have proven that being more positive, and having an optimistic perspective indeed improve the treatment outcomes. Understanding the Mind-Body-Soul connection through awareness, Soul Journeys, and Body Talk is a relatively new approach to helping women deal with their emotions surrounding infertility. It is an approach based on releasing fear, anger, past blockages, and maybe guilt while cultivating a state of joy, love, and positive thinking in addition to  creative visualization and manifestation. Our Signature Highly Successful Mind-Body-Soul Fertility Program is the core foundation of our IVF Retreats, in addition to Life Coaching, Soul Coaching®, Couples Coaching and NLP Coaching techniques in conjuction with the Fertile Body Relaxation Program, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.. 


Throughout our IVF Retreat, you will learn and practice different techniques and coping skills so that you are able to adopt a healthy perspective for your upcoming IVF Cycle. This Mental and Soulful healthy perspective will impact your physical body, making you more receptive to a positive pregnancy outcome. As you know Negative thinking and stress are among the major significant factors impacting fertility. ( Please visit our Research page for evidence-based research that documents the relation between the emotional/mental well-being of a woman and the success rate of her pregnancy).


our 2021 IVF Retreat program will teach you How to:

1- Effectively relax.

2- Manage your stress, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and energy.

3- Feel supported on your path to your IVF Success.

4- Get the education and support needed prior to your IVF treatment, during the treatment, along the two week waits, and afterwards.

5- Enhance your communication skills with your partner as you undergo your IVF journey towards making .your dream of having a baby a REALITY

6- Get inspired and feel re-energized on your IVF journey.

7- Learn a skillset to  improve your follicle health, sperm health, mental health and wellbeing prior to your treatment and pregnancy, along the pregnancy and in the post-partum

SAT Feb 27th, 2021 From 11 am to 5 PM

& SUN Feb 28th, 2021 From 11 am to 5 PM

IVF Weekend Retreat

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