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Making Dreams Real

It is time to step into your power and take consistent inspired action. Dare to Dream & Desire and work on easily and smoothly making your dreams real. In this 8 week course, you will learn core psychological and life coaching tools and strategies that will help you frame your goals as you eliminate layers of hidden fears that hold you back from achieving your full potential. You will gain Focus, Clarity, and Certainty about what your heart truly desires. Are you ever disappointed that no matter how hard you try, you still can't seem to create the results you want in your life, relationships, career, or your health? Join me in this course to learn how to work with your subconscious mind, hone your attitude, and harness your skills to lead a fulfilling way of living. You will also learn how trust your inner self, combat self-doubt, and stay refreshed and invigorated as you sail from one destination to another along the path of your life journey.

Making Dreams Real

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  • 1- Are You Able To Dream & Set Goals?

    2- The Meaning of Success & Fulfillment

    3- What does Success look like?

    4- Clarifying Your Aims

    5- Navigating Your Own Skills

    6- The Importance of Looking Within

    7- The Most Common Thinking Patterns

    8- Eliminating Obstacles

    9- Developing Your Goal Map

    10- Owning Your Goals

    11- Intention & Attention

    12- Working with Your Subconscious Mind

    13- The Ability to Imagine Your Dream

    14- Short Term and Long Term Planning

    15- Risk Versus Benefit Analysis

    16- Balancing Choices

    17- Need Assessment

    18- Prioritization

    19- Acting on Your Top Priorities

    20- Implementation, Fine Tuning & Improvement

    21- Supporting Your Dream with Love

    22- Creating a Joyful State of Mind

    23- Surrendering & Letting go of Control

    24- Staying True & Authentic to Your Goals

    25- Building Your Success Network

    26- Helping Others Making Their Dreams Real

    27- Staying Focused on The Narrow Path

    28- Empowering Meanings

    29- Achieving Equilibrium

    30- Seeing Yourself As Others See You

    31- Renewing Commitment & Intentions

    32- Sustaining Clarity

    33- Dealing with Challenges, Stress Factors & Limiting Beliefs

    34- The Warp Factor (Success Vs Stress)

    35- Learning from Mistakes

    36- Work Life Balance

    37- Building Resilience and Lifelong Learning

    38- Honing Your Attitude & Harnessing Your Skills

    39- Learning To Trust Yourself

    40- Combating Self Defeating Attitudes and Self-Doubt

    41- Beyond Fear of Failure & Fear of Success

    42- The Art of Flexibility

    43- The Art of Opportunity

    44- The Art of Acceptance

    45- The Power of Optimism

    46- The Attitude of Gratitude

    47- Staying Refreshed and Invigorated

    48- Summary

    49- Course Survey


    50-Achievement As a Lifelong Journey

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