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Motivation Activation

Do you feel that you have lost your sparkle? Do you barely remember what it feels like to be bursting with passion, enthusiasm, and energy? Life is guaranteed to knock us all down a time or two. What’s important is that we get back up, persevere, and keep going fully alive to make our dreams real and fulfill our potential. If you have been down in the dumps, recovering from a heart break, trying to cope with a trauma, a job loss, or the death of a beloved one; know that your motivation can be reactivated. Sometimes, it might seem overhelming to regain your enthusiasm on your own, but together over the next six weeks, we will work hand in hand on how to ignite that spark of Motivation again so you can Shine, Glow, and Live On Purpose Driven by Your Passion. Motivation іѕ the daily fuel we all need tо drіvе our vеhісlе throughout the day. The more fueled we are, the more we become joyful, productive, successful, and at balance.  In this 6 week course, you will learn proven techniques and strategies to reactivate your motivation, stay motivated and become self-driven so you can enjoy life while focusing on achieving your goals and making your dreams real.

Motivation Activation

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  • 1- Motivation

    (Definition, Importance, and Impact)

    2- Motivation Initial Evaluation & Assessment

    3- What Motivate Us?

    4- Motivation Models

    5- The 7 Keys to Motivation

    6- Top 10 Tips for a Motivated Lifestyle

    7- Uncovering Hidden Sources of Motivation

    8- Regaining Enthusiasm for Yourself & Life

    9- Reclaiming Your Personal Power

    10- Transforming Your Attitude

    11- Changing Priorities

    12- Passion & Potential

    13- Abilities, Capabilities & Competencies

    14- Time Management

    15- Handling Disappointments, Fear of Judgement & Criticism

    16- Taking Time To Play

    17- Overcoming Procrastination

    18- Activating Your Self-Motivation

    19- Firing Up Your Creativity

    20- SMART Goals

    21- Building Your Own Motivational Plan

    22- Maximizing Your Personal Motivators

    23- Motivating Others

    24- Avoiding The Top Ten Motivational Killers

    25- Motivation Final Evaluation & Assessment

    26- Summary

    27- Course Survey





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