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Positive Energy

Positive Energy is Fuel for the Soul. The more our perceptions become positive, the more positive vibes flow in alignment with our positive state of mind creating a state of inner peace that makes us feel healthy, relaxed, content, and ready to be productive. In this 4 week course, you will learn core Psychological and Life Coaching Tools, Tips, and Strategies that will allow you to recharge your Positive Energy Meter on a Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Level. Although we are all different and respond to the things around us differently, we all have the power to choose our thoughts, infuse positivity, and recharge our psychological reservoir in order for us to be ready, equipped, and resilient to Dream Magnificently, Live Beautifully, and Succeed Prosperously. Positive Energy is a fundamental necessity in our everyday life. It is the first step towards Training Our Brain To Become Positive Forward Thinkers.

Positive Energy

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  • 1- Positive Energy (Definition, Importance, Impact)

    2- Leading a Value Based Life

    3- Getting to Know Your Passion Map

    4- Energy Juicers Versus Energy Zappers

    5- Inspiring Yourself

    6- Positive Affirmations

    7- Setting Boundaries

    8- Healthy Choices Vs Toxic Choices

    9- Defeating Excuses

    10- Creating not Reacting

    11- Challenging Beliefs

    12- Letting Go

    13- Creating a Vision

    14- Identifying Emotions

    15- Putting Perspective Together

    16- Five Minutes Breaks

    17- Handling Negative Emotions

    18- Mental Redirection

    19- Thinking About Success

    20- Detailing The Positives

    21- Challenging Assumptions

    22- No More Secret Shoulds

    23- Accepting Success

    24- Meditation Walking

    25- Exercising

    26- Positive Energy Evaluation & Assessment

    27- Summary

    28- Course Survey


    29- Positive Energy at Relationship

    30- Recharging Your Positive Energy At Work

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