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Positive Parenting

Join me in this 8 sessions Positive Parenting online course from anywhere in the world to learn about Promoting children's Development, Health and Well-Being while guiding their Behaviours & Emotions. This course focuses on effective strategies that build strong relationships, good communication & positive discipline. Children of all ages have their own unique personalities and characteristics. They know how to make us proud and they also learn very quickly what buttons to push to grab our attention and sometimes make us angry. When children act out, parents may get frustrated, upset and puzzled because nothing they do or say works at this particular moment. This course provides parenting fundamentals that allow your relationship with your child to grow and develop in a healthy way. It is based on Connection Before Correction. The goal is to help your child achieve their full potential while you are still caring for yourself in the process without feeling drained.  Raising children is a journey of joy and excitement only if parents are equipped with the right tools & techniques throughout the different developmental stages of children's growth and development. I am keen to guide you throughout this course step by step to tackle your biggest challenges with your children so you can enjoy the process of raising them into confident, resilient and empowered individuals who are positive, productive and pioneer in what they do.

Positive Parenting

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  • 1- Positive Parenting

    (Definition, Importance, Impact)

    2- Parenting Styles

    3- Erikson Eight Stages of Psychosocial Development

    4- Pyramidal Parenting Skills

    5- Dolphin Parenting Versus Tiger Parenting

    6- Raising Balanced & Emotionally Healthy Children

    7- Six Keys To Unleash Children's Potential

    8- Tools & Tactics for Positive Parenting

    9- Responding Versus Reacting

    10- Twelve Pillars of Communication with Children

    11- Connection Before Correction

    12- Creating a Safe Space for Conversation

    13- Mastering Active Listening & Eye Contact

    14- Being Aware of Body Language & Voice Tone

    15- Bonding & Validating Feelings

    16- Encouragement & Cooperation

    17- Building a Foundation of Trust

    18- Decoding Children's Behavior

    19- Analyzing Triggers

    20- Redirecting Behavior

    21- Rethinking Discipline

    22- Labelling Your Emotions as a Parent

    23- Coping with Anger and Frustration as a Parent

    24- Defining Your Family Culture & Boundaries

    25-  Learning From Mistakes

    26- Problem Solving

    27- Trading Punishments for Solutions

    28- The Wheel of Choices and Alternatives

    29- Resolving Conflicts

    30- Relaxation Techniques

    31- Accountability & Follow Through

    32- Learning About Consequences

    33-  Modelling Behavior

    34- Silent Signals & Non-Verbal Language

    35- Paying Attention

    36- Coping with Violent and Destructive Behavior

    37- Coping with Whining and Complaining

    38- Coping with Not Listening and Refusal To Do Things

    39- Coping with Rudeness, Attitude, and Back Talk

    40- Coping with Sibling Rivalry

    41- Coping with Lying

    42- Coping with Hurtful Comments & Bad Language

    43- Coping with Low Self-Esteem & Lack of Confidence

    44-  Taming Parental Demons

    45- Gentle Discipline

    46- How Children & Teens Learn?

    47- Lasting Self-Motivation

    48- Self-Regulation

    49- Seeing The New Version of Your Child

    50- Positive Parenting Evaluation & Assessment

    51- Summary

    52- Course Survey


    53- Refrigerator Sheet

    54- The Attitude of Gratitude

    55- The Kidness Jar


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