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Total Life Transformation

Transform Your life with this unique course tailored to Boost your Confidence and Self-Esteem, Trigger your Emotional Intelligence, Enhance Your Communication Skills, and Awaken The Leader Inside of You.

This is The Signature Course of the Canadian Life Transformation Academy. It introduces you to Understanding, Implementing, and Sustaining Change Throughout Your Life. 

In This 3 months course, You will learn core psychological and life coaching tools and strategies that will help you to rebuild, regain, and reinforce your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love, self-worth and self-empowerment in order for you to completely transform your life, become your best version, and live your life to the fullest. In addition, You will learn how to recognize Your own emotions and those of others around you which is vital for a peaceful, joyful, and purposeful life. Learning and Practicing Emotional Intelligence not only will allow you to let go of judgments and filters towards yourselves and others, but also It is your first step towards cultivating empathy, becoming your best version, and living at balance.  Furthermore, in those 3 months, you will learn and practice empathic listening, speaking and dialogue skills to achieve success in any relationship. You will master how to upscale your social skills, face to face conversations, clarity, confidence, and charisma. You will also learn how to ask insightful questions, interpret non-verbal communication (body language, voice tone), and become an influencer. Knowledge Is Power. Empowering Your Communication Skills will Heighten Your Conversations.

After completion of the Confidence and Self-Esteem, Emotional Intelligence, and Communication Skills Modules, You will be ready to Awaken the Leader Inside of You. This interactive 3 months On Campus course will prompt you to explore your motivations, morals & ethics, values & beliefs as well as you personality/communication/leadership style. You will explore strategies and best practices that awaken the leader inside of you to become a more confident, trusted, and capable leader who can also develop authentic leadership in others. This hands-on course will help you create a culture of continuous innovation while transforming yourself, uncovering opportunities and paving your path to a greater success.You will be empowered to lead with vision and courage as you enhance your capacity to lead, drive others and exceeds your team’ expectations. Join me in this course to accelerate your own personal development, embrace wider responsibility, succeed in increasingly complex roles, and completely transform your life.

***This Intensive Five Modules On Campus Course is offered for 12 weeks during the Fall of 2018 from September 17th until December 3rd, 2018, on Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 6 PM to 9 PM @ The Calgary Campus of the Canadian Life Transformation Academy in Canada. Registration Closes @ Noon on Sep. 3rd for Canadian Students and @ Noon on Aug. 17th for International Students to allow enough time to apply for Canadian Visa. The current promotion of 10% Discount ends on Aug. 1st, 2018.

Total Life Transformation

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  • Module 1: Understanding CHANGE

    1- The 5 Key Principles of Change

    2- Readiness for Change

    3- Shifting Along The Change Curve

    4- From Loss To Safety

    5- From Doubt to Reality

    6- From Discomfort to Motivation

    7- Self-Reframing Thoughts & Beliefs

    8- Looking at Situations from Multiple Perspectives

    9- Recognizing the Benefit of CHANGE

    10- Changes Survived at the Past

    11- Integration & Momentum after CHANGE

    12- Defeating Falling Into Old Patterns

    13- Summary

    14- Module Survey


    Module 2: Confidence and Self-Esteem

    1- Self-Esteem Versus Confidence

    (Definitions, Importance, and Impact)

    2- Initial Evaluation and Assessment

    3- Ten Golden Keys for Self-Esteem

    4- Liberation from Guilt/Shame

    5- Breaking Self-Destructive Habits

    6- Self-Worth, Self-Love & Self-Acceptance

    7- Living Consciously & Responsibly

    8- Understanding Personal Development Concepts.

    9- Core Beliefs and Transforming Your Attitude

    10- Building a Winning Mindset

    11- Nurturing Your own Self-Esteem

    12- Building Self-Esteem in Others

    13- Maintaining High Self-Esteem

    14- Developing Inner Confidence

    15- Start Believing In Yourself

    16- Become Perceived as a Confident Person

    17- Dealing with Fear of Rejection

    18- Handling Social Anxiety

    19- Defeating "I am not Good Enough"

    20- Stepping Into Your Comfort Zone

    21- No More People Pleasing Or Seeking Approval

    22- Creating Good Lasting First Impressions

    23- Talking, Walking, Projecting, Practicing CONFIDENCE

    24- New Decisions, Taking Actions & Reaching Goals

    25- Becoming Your Best Version

    26- Strategies for Ongoing Total Life Transformation

    27- Final Evaluation & Assessment

    28- Summary

    29- Module Survey


    30- Building Confidence in Your Social Interactions

    31- Building Confidence in Your Romantic Life

    32- Building Confidence to Create Success at Work Or School

    33- Building Condfience to Deepen Your Goal Achievements in all Areas of Life.

    34- Moving Forward


    Module 3: Emotional Intelligence

    1- Emotional Intelligence

    (Definition, Importance, Impact)

    2- EQ Versus IQ

    3- Looking Within Ourselves

    4- Distinguishing Between Thoughts & Emotions

    5- Labelling Emotions Versus Others & Situations

    6- Taking Responsibility for Our Feelings

    7- Introduction to The Four Core Emotional Intelligence Skills

    8- Self- Awareness/Self-Realization

    9- Self-Management/Self-Control/Healthy Expression

    10- Social Awareness/ Cultivating Empathy

    11- Relationship Management

    12- Practicing The Four Cores of EQ In the FLOW

    13- Self-Regulation and Self-Motivation

    14- The Six Seconds EQ Model

    15- The Vital Signs EQ Model

    16- Observing General Emotions Reactions

    17- Observing How Behavior and Emotions Are Linked

    18- Refraining from Judging Emotions and Questioning Them

    19- Noting Repetitive EQ Patterns from The Past

    20- 10 Commons Triggers and Hijacks for EQ

    21- Increasing EQ & Coping with Stress

    22- Respecting and Validating Other's Feelings

    23- Finding Positive Values from Negative Emotions

    24- Effective Communication Skills, Listening & Engagement

    25- Beyond commanding, criticizing, blaming or judging others.

    26- Adaptability & Flexibility

    27- Resolving Conflicts

    28- Problem Solving Skills

    29- Building Bonds

    30- Overall Confidence and Balance

    31- Emotional Intelligence Evaluation & Assessment

    32- Summary

    33- Module Survey


    34- Using EQ in Making Decisions

    35- Intention, Intuition & EQ


    Module 4: Communication Skills

    1- Communication skills

    (Definition, Importance, Impact)

    2- Initial Evaluation and Assessment

    3- Why Effective Communication is So Critical?
    4- Characteristics of a Great Communicator
    5- How to Build Rapport?
    6- How to Ask Insightful Questions?
    7-The Art of Listening
    8- Attention Span and Focus
    9- Understanding Body Language

    10- Giving Proper Feedback

    11- Fundamental Conversation Skills

    12- Tonalities and Building Face to Face Interaction

    13- Paying Attention to Your Fillers in a Conversation
    14- Letting go of Fear of Judgement

    15- Cultivating Empathy

    16- Letting Go of Urge of Ideas and Anger

    17- Learning Styles

    18- Thinking Styles

    19- Behavioural Styles

    20- Perception Filters
    21- Personality Filters

    22- The 7 principles of communications

    23- Giving a Relevant and Interesting Story

    24- Changing Behavior and Getting Action

    25- Giving and Getting Information

    26- Ensuring Understanding

    27- Persuasion & Influence

    28- Avoiding Negativity in a Conversation

    29- The FORD Method for Keeping a Conversation Alive

    30- The Art of Compliment

    31- Handling Heated Discussions

    32- How to Pass a Complaint with Grace

    33- Great Phone/Email Conversations

    34- Barriers to Good Communication

    35- Tips for Effective Communication

    36- Avoiding Miscommunications Catalysts

    37- Shifting Energy When a Communication Drops

    38- Avoiding Distractions

    39- Practice and Training

    40- Crafting compelling communication plans

    41- Conversations That Revive Relationships

    42- Final Evaluation & Assessment

    43- Summary

    44- Module Survey


    45- Communication Skills for Handling a Conflict

    46- Communication Skills for Presentations & Interviews


    Module 5: Awakening The Leader Inside You

    1- Management Versus Leadership

    2- Leadership

    (Definition, Importance, Impact)

    3- Personal Versus Interpersonal Leadership

    4- Initial Evaluation and Assessment

    5- Three Essential Roles of a Leader

    6- What Defines a Leader

    7- Leadership & Perspectives

    8- Leadership Styles

    9- Eight Pillars of Leadership

    10- Self-Awareness

    11- Connecting With Your Values

    12- Cafting Your Vision & Mission

    13- Time Management

    14- Organizational Skills

    15- Effective Communication

    16- Understanding Change Cycles

    17- Team Building & Leading

    18- Decision Making

    19- Problem Solving

    20- Conflict Resolution

    21- How to Negotiate

    22- Strategic Planning

    23- Creating Change

    24- Implementing Change

    25- Performance Management

    26- The Leadership Critical Success Factors

    27- Being The Role Model

    28- Adhering To Values & Vision

    29- Motivating & Engaging Others

    30- Changing Scopes & Stakes

    31- Building Key Relationships

    32- Creating a Culture of Trust & Integrity

    33- Leadership Tips & Best Practices

    34- Adopting the Leadership Mindset

    35- Recruitment & Retention

    36- Practicing Sustainability

    37- Developing Resilience

    38- Project Management

    39- Leading with Courage & Confidence

    40- Working Under Pressure

    41- Getting Unstuck On The Go

    42- Final Evaluation & Assessment

    43- Summary

    44- Module Survey


    Final Exam

    Course Survey

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